Work History


Software Engineer
June 2020 - Present
Remote (Contractor)

GFNF is an exclusive reselling Discord community that needed a subscription system to provide its users with access to products more efficiently.

  • Development
    • Implemented a subscription system to allow users to gain access to the Discord community after payment.
    • Implemented a Discord bot to sync roles from the subscription dashboard to the Discord community.
    • Integrated with numerous proxy providers to allow users to purchase proxy packages from within the GFNF dashboard.
      • Allowed GFNF staff to require users to be in their Discord or have an active subscription to purchase proxies as they have users outside the dashboard itself.
  • Deployed their API and UI to AWS using CloudFront, ECS, and RDS

Heavy Cream LLC

Staff Software Engineer
May 2019 - Present
Columbus, Ohio


Mapped is a floorset mapping tool that allows brick and mortar retail to communicate during product floorset drops and layouts. Mapped provides users with a tailored experience by providing a map specific to each store in the platform.

  • Constructed a download system using Couchbase Lite to sync the images used to map a floorset.
  • Responsible for developing an asset management system to allow image teams to upload and prep images for floorset drops.
  • Responsible for developing an interactive chat system to allow for communication between store associates and management.
  • Responsible for developing a floorset approval workflow that allows users to tell the current mapping stage for a store.

Expedia Group - Trust Activity

Responsible for implementing designs for an internal trust activity that Expedia Group was using for their internal team training. This activity allowed users to take cards from a "hand" and drag and drop them under specific categories. The user could copy a sharable link to allow another user to view how they sorted their cards.

Thrive Card

Responsible for defining specifications for an application that would allow a community to send its residents Apple and Google Wallet cards. These Apple and Google Wallet cards would be used by businesses from the community to provide discounts to residents. We built and piloted the application for the customer, at which point they declined to proceed development of the product but continued using the pilot version.

Learning Activities

Responsible for implementing learning activities within Tumult Hype using JavaScript and HTML to provide users with an interactive experience. These activities could integrate with the companies LMS (Learning Management System) using SCORM to track the learner's progress and answers.

FleetBooks LLC

Software Engineer
November 2018 - Present
Remote (Contractor)

Backend Implementation:

  • Responsible for writing stored procedures and Entity Framework queries for Microsoft MySQL Server

    • Creating API endpoints to interact with Stored Procedures or Entity data to return relevant data to the user.
    • Writing interactions for QuickBooks to allow users to send invoices to their clients.
  • User Interface:

    • Designing and implementing an intuitive user interface.
    • Writing services to retrieve data from API endpoints.

Anesthesia Billing Inc

Software Engineer
June 2016 - December 2016
Remote (Contractor)

Anesthesia Billing was looking to create a more modern website and approached me with a list of requirements they had. All their requirements described a Content Management System, so I pointed them towards WordPress. I implemented and customized a theme that they said they had picked out. They continued to work with me for the remainder of the year on other changed they needed for their website.

RayTech Hosting

August 2015 - May 2016
  • RayTech Hosting provides VPS & Dedicated server hosting as well as Shared Web Hosting.
  • Customer Support
    • Promptly replying to customer support tickets with an efficient solution.
    • Notify clients of any downtime for system maintenance.
  • System installation, configuration, and maintenance
    • cPanel Shared Hosting Server
    • ownCloud server for internal shared files
    • Atlassian Jira for our internal development tracking
  • System hardening
    • Evaluating OpenVAS scans to identify vulnerabilities and then taking appropriate action based on results.
  • Xen Server Virtualization
About Me

My name is Kenneth Lindelof. I usually go by Kenny. Online you'll usually find me as kennyL. I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer with Dev-Ops ties located in Columbus, Ohio. I've got a passion for development and a drive to learn. Currently, I am focused on Mapped using React Native and NodeJS.

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